Backseat Serenade - All Time Low 

he’s so precious(x)
1/100 ✩ of Alex Gaskarth [photo credit]
I’m looking for a new corunner!


If you’re interested send me a message OFF ANON, either on here or my personal, and let me know what times/how frequently you’re usually on, and why you want to help run the blog. It’d help if you have a good amount of ATL pics saved to post on occasion.

To be considered, make sure you’re messaging me off anonymous and include the following:

  • Name?
  • How often are you usually on?
  • What times? (time-zone is also appreciated)
  • Do you have pics of the band you could post/about how many?
  • Why do you want to be a co-runner of Eff Yes, All Time Low?

Messages can either be sent to effyesalltimelow or livvydunham. I’ll look over the messages I get and pick someone in about a week.

*Anonymous messages and fanmail will be ignored


Well look who came to hang out with the lads today. Mr @awgaskarth

Jack Barakat keeping it real

All Time Low. (by sadiefederspiel)


Simple Plan - Perfect

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